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College Connect is an organization dedicated to providing
greater opportunities for high school athletes by increasing
their exposure to college coaches.
There are athletes from around Michigan and the entire region (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois &
Ontario) who want to play college athletics. At College Connect, we believe that if you
want to play, there is a college who needs your talent.
The question is how do they find out about you?
College Connect offers athletic camps for baseball, softball and soon,
volleyball. At these camps, the College Connect staff will:
  • Evaluate and measure your physical skills and abilities,
  • Discuss how to improve your mental game
  • Provide you with a written list of what you need to work on to
    take your game to the next level.
  • Video-record every player in their skilled position and the edited
    performance will be hosted in the players online profile page in
    our video library.
  • Post your athletic profile and stats in College Connect website
  • Send camp results and accompanying video links to college
    coaches throughout the region.
  • College and Junior College coaches are given a Free Membership so
    they can access all of your information and how to contact you.
Our mission is to help high school and junior college athletes achieve
their dream of playing at the next level.